Daniel L. Bucci

3949 NE 3rd Pl • Renton, WA 98056, United States

dlbucci@superftc.com(724) 771-0372


Experienced Software Engineer seeking a job that utilizes my programming and problem solving skills


Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science,
GPA: 3.68

Work Experience

  • Senior Software Developer, Hulu/Disney (Seattle, WA)

    | (Non-Senior) | (Intern)

    • Cerebro - Built Disney's Experiment Intelligence platform Kotlin Micronaut MySQL Snowflake
    • Spearmint - Built Hulu's internal A/B testing platform, doing frontend, backend, and data-processing work Java Kotlin Scala Stylus TS AngularJS Hive MySQL Node.js React Snowflake Spark Vert.x
    • Glyph - Worked on frontend for Hulu's internal metrics tracking platform CS SASS AngularJS Druid Hadoop MySQL Node.js Storm
    • Isotope - As an intern, worked on a team to design and create an internal configuration service CSS JS AngularJS MySQL Node.js
  • Software Developer, Autolab Project (Pittsburgh, PA)

    CSS HTML JS Ruby MySQL Rails

    • Worked on Carnegie Mellon's assignment "auto-grading" website
    • Led upgrade from Rails 2 to Rails 4
    • Helped open source project to be used at other schools
  • Computer Science Course Assitant, Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA)


    • Taught a recitation and held office hours weekly
    • Supervised 20 students on their term projects
    • Proctored and graded quizzes, tests, and homework
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